Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Go To Hell

Here's  a great way to attract quality teachers--Tier 6 Pension Plan.

Let's charge them more and give them less.  Let's face it, the politicians don't care about kids or any state workers for that matter.  All this stuff about teacher evaluations and a quality teacher in every classroom is just a load of malarkey as far as any of them are concerned.  This pension plan will keep quality people from ever entering the profession.

The GO TO HELL message comes straight from Governor I hate Unions Cuomo.

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Disgusted Diva said...

I got the robocall from Mulgrew this afternoon telling me to call my senators/congressman/ representatives etc. You could imagine the disgust I felt. Where the f__k has Mulgrew been up til now besides whoring out our union to ed "reformers", agreeing to the fascist "evaluation" system? NYC teachers are working on a 5 year old contract; doesn't he care about that? The hell with him too; he is as much of a middle-class killer as the rest of the politicians and this DINO governor who does not have a shred of humanity.