Friday, February 17, 2012

Administration Bonuses

Based on last year's scholarship report, some assistant principals  and principals got big bonuses.  No wonder they rode everyone so hard to make sure the little kiddies got through. 

And slaves teachers, what did you get for your hard work?  Well, I am sure you got the undying gratitude of those whose pockets you helped fill.  You'll also keep feeling the whip to ensure their wallets don't empty.

Kudos to Mr. AP for taking his department out to celebrate and footing the bill.  He knows who got him the extra bucks and is sharing in a caring way.  I hope he remembers the teachers who left, whose hard work got him the extra bucks.

1 comment:

ChiTown Girl said...

This makes me sick.

Yes, kudos to Mr. AP. Too bad he's in the minority.