Tuesday, February 21, 2012

War Of Words

In order to survive a war of words an individual needs a good command of the language.  A person in this country over 20 years who can't even write a grammatically correct sentence hasn't got a chance.  It is kind of like sending soldiers into war with only toy guns to attack.  The enemy would wipe them out in no time. 


Anonymous said...

I thought of my father when I read this. Now - he has been in this country for over 40 years and still can't write a grammarically correct sentence - but, he is a smart man and won't get into war of words with people who don't speak Italian. But what he has been able to do (I know your post doesn't address this specific thing) is basically live the American Dream. He owns two homes in which he collects four rents, owns 70 acres upstate, has allowed his children to go school loan free and helped both his children when purchasing their own home or condo - all this while working six days a week for over 35 years working ovens as a bread maker making no more than 35 thousand a year until he retired five years ago. I bring it up because the ability to do what he and so many others did is impossible in today's age. The current climate even threatens my ability to keep what my wife and I have been able to establish as teachers. I often wonder how the great members of our family (we all have them) would have reacted to a climate such as the one we face today in their respective jobs. Just a thought.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I agree. I was referring to someone who has started a war with words that can't possibly be won.