Wednesday, February 01, 2012

ISS Personnel With The Same IQ As the Basic II Kids They Educate

A child with a 75 IQ does not belong in a college class, no way, no how.

Some idiot guidance counselor or ISS administrator decided that Ginny should go to college.  She probably had lots of assistance (in the past, this would have been called cheating) on state regents exams as there is no other way for her to have passed them.  The person in charge, with an IQ that is probably lower than Ginny's and without any morals only cared about the school's stats.  After all, who could it hurt if Ginny sat in college?  Didn't these imbeciles realize the damage they were doing to this poor girl?  Didn't they even think about the money her family was throwing in the trash?

We did exponents in my remedial class tonight.  Ginny couldn't even get the hang of 8^3 meaning 8 x 8 x 8, let alone get a correct answer.  I asked her if she had an IEP.  She didn't even know what one was but eventually she found a yellow paper that she was told to give her teachers for test accommodations.

I hate all this emphasis on statistics and worse than that, I hate the low lifes in charge who put their school's AYP before the children they are supposed to care about.


Ms. Tsouris said...

AYP = PAY...the kids are just a commodity. Isn't that how education "reform" works?

LSquared32 said...

It's a symptom, I think, of the mantra that all children can learn.
Every child is capable of every task... even if there's an IEP that says there are some tasks they aren't expected to be able to do. It sounds like a really good mantra, except that it's clearly not the way that people are made. Some people are good at one thing, and other people are good at other things. Some people are good at academics, and college is the right place for them. Other people are not good at academics and it does everyone (them, the other students, the parents and taxpayers who pay for it) a disservice. I have become (reluctantly--I too drank the Cool-aid) convinced that there are some people/children/students who just can't learn certain things. There's some brain chemistry something that just works differently for them. It's most frustrating.

Anonymous said...

In my school building administrators as well as teachers "help" the students along during testing. (Don't forget those that find points while grading like giving a point for writing a name!) You are right AYP is really spelled PAY! As if this is not bad enough now those in charge want to evaluate teachers on these outcomes as well. There are many ways for students to pass exams. I would expect we will find the grades will improve with teacher evaluation.