Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Please continue to monitor the hallways between period-change and teach bell-to-bell.  If you feel that you “finished” teaching a few minutes before the bell, you can ask your students to take out a sheet of paper and work on an Exit problem or a quiz to check and see if EVERYONE learned what they were supposed to have learned.
Since reply to all, I've gotten more copies than ever of the department memos.  This time it was 6, some from unlikely sources.

I'm glad I am gone.  Now everyone must teach bell-to-bell and then run into the hall between classes.  It is a good thing math teachers have super human capabilities.  And that EXIT problem is going to be a real hit with kids itching to get out the door.  It shouldn't be necessary anyway.  An effective teacher should know what they learned. Besides, history has shown that the final exam trumps everything they have done all year.  As for the quiz, what is a little extra paper work for these extraordinary people.

Thanks again to all who forward these memos.  Remember, there is strength in numbers and the readers of this blog are enjoying the education they are being given.
Let’s keep a close eye on the students whose grades are around 55.  With a little help, they can still pass.  All of our students in the required courses will sit for the Regents exams in June.  Keep reminding them that the Regents exams are easier than what we teach in class and that if they pass the Regents exam, they will have opened the door for a discussion about a passing grade, provide they attend class regularly and try to do all the work.  Bear in mind that we are here to help our students move ahead in life.
I especially like the last sentence here.  Helping the kids move ahead in life while telling them the regents exam is easier than anything they have done in class and then passing them on to college where they lack both academic and study skills to succeed.


Anonymous said...

what a turd.......and I am sure you know who I am talking about..

Cara Boutkids said...

Speaking of turds--dare I ask--do teachers at that school ever get to use the facilities?!