Saturday, February 25, 2012

Evil Little Man

The evil little man
With his demented little thoughts
Sits all alone
In a house, but not a home
There is no one to love
Not even a person to shove
Memories of battles he’s fought
As he utters his last groan.

Once he had friends, people who cared
His mean ways chased them all away.
And now he is left
With the ones who are afraid
They know he’ll spew venom
At them any day.
They’ll stick close and pretend to care
So they won’t have a hefty price to pay.

The woman he loved loves him no more
She couldn’t take the abuse
It hurt her to the core.
She left to find a life stress free
For a chance to find love and harmony
A life for her child sweet and smart
A way for him to grow without a hard heart
I’ve heard she’s found the happiness she sought.

The evil little man needs help to mend his mind.
You see he wasn’t born to be this kind.
He used to be nice.
He used to have friends.
Something snapped and his brain has decayed.
Before it is too late
I hope he finds
His inner peace so he won’t die this crazed.


ChiTown Girl said...

I'm thoroughly impressed. You should be stuck on more four hour flights with no internet. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg, I presume?

Pissedoffteacher said...

Actualy he wasn't who I had in mind, but the description fits many sickos including him.

Anonymous said...

Governor Cuomo comes to my mind.. I never thought it could have been possible for me to despise someone more than Mayor Bloomberg. Besides attacking teachers last week, Cuomo continued his attack on the rest of the public sector workers in his state...