Tuesday, February 14, 2012

City Day

Last weekend was a city day.  The Lower East Side is a neighborhood I have neglected, but a little blurb in Time Out NY got me to visit a gallery on Freeman Alley, an actual Alley off Rivington St, near the Bowery. It only took three phone calls to find it as it is not on any map I could find.

Freeman Alley reminded me of some of the ones I saw in East Germany.  The walls are graffiti covered.  It holds two galleries and a really great "revolutionary war" restaurant.

There were two highlights to the day.  One was seeing this old synagogue on Rivington St.
And the other was the Jon Kessler exhibit in Salon 94 Gallery on Bowery and Stanton.  Live-like cutouts of people were everywhere and of course everything had some blue in it.  Live cameras rotated the room projecting interchanging videos on many different screens.
Walking around after, (I think this was on Prince St) was this building with painted windows and a few real ones in between.
So many good, fun things to do in NYC and you don't have to spend more than subway fare to do them.

More pictures here.

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