Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy No One Listened

I didn't want a retirement party.  I was adamant.  I refused to discuss it with anyone.  In case anyone has any doubt about me, I can be quite stubborn. Besides, I figured except for the kids, no one will even miss me when I am gone.

My friends were just as adamant and were determined to give me a celebration.  Last night I thought I was going out to dinner with a few friends.  For once, I had even made the call and all the arrangements.  Imagine my surprise when I got to her house and the people closest to my heart appeared.  It didn't even register immediately that they were there for me.  I just assumed she invited more to dinner.

The speeches my friends made still have tears running down my eyes.  My good friend, J, the one who volunteered her house wrote the following, which I share, not to brag, but to pay tribute to the great friends I made at Packemin HS, people who boost my low self esteem and support me, people I know I will continue my friendship with for many years to come.

     Before I start Rita, your husband had nothing to do with this party.  He is completely innocent.
You were afraid to have a retirement party because no one would come.  Just the opposite everyone who was asked came. You have so many friends who love you as this turnout shows.
Let’s count your successes in life.
     l) You are married for over 30 years – to the same guy.  In this chaotic world that is a wonderful accomplishment.
     2)  You have two successful children.  I define successful children this way –independent and happy. Both fit these attributes.
        3)  You were wonderful daughter to your mother and are a fantastic help to your elderly father.                                                                                                                                      
         4) You are an unbelievable friend to so many people.  If it wasn’t for you, I would not be working at the college.  It is a job that keeps my mind going and stops me from spending money due to boredom.
          5) You were and are a fantastic teacher, despite what Suit and Mr. AP think..
You often said that you hate children.  When you were asked what you were doing on the following day your reply was “Oh the kids are coming to my house to study for the AP exam.”  I only wish all teachers hate kids that much.
  I’ll never forget one day after the ninth grade regents.  A student walked out of the regents exam, grabbed you, picked you up and said “You made me pass” That says a lot.
     Retirement is only a beginning of a new life.  You love teaching in the college now program and at night at the college.  This will continue. You will have more time to travel, visit your children, nag your husband, and travel.  You will have more time to go to Manhattan   buy fake pocketbooks and just walk around the city that you love so much. Everyone here wishes you a wonderful retirement.


Shireen Dadmehr said...

Hope you do an exponential amount of fun activities in your extra spare time. I imagine you traveling and exploring and walking and sleeping in.

ChiTown Girl said...

It's nice to have great friends, isn't it? I'm so happy they were able to pull this surprise off. You certainly deserved it.

ASTRAKA said...

Good luck to you and your family. I do hope your retirement is a divergent series of happiness!;)

Anonymous said...

I too am sitting reading this post with tears streaming down my face. I guess it is the reality of you leaving.
i only my career could be as rewarding as you!
I am sorry I wasn't invited. I would have loved to have supported your retirement. WE WILL HAVE THAT BEER! ASAP!
love you

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you get what you deserve. Cheers!

Schoolgal said...

Well deserved! Congratulations!!

You will leave a generation of students grateful for your support and dedication. That's something that doesn't come across in statistics. In many ways, you are leaving this profession at the right time.

Good luck! I know you will enjoy retirement. Wait til you see the travel rates for off season ;)

dkuroiwa said...

Well done, friends!!! A well-deserved party...and kept such a secret. Bravo!
Everyone needs a party like that. As techers, we sometimes have to tell ourselves that we are doing a good job...that we are making a wonderful to have others do it for you!!!
Congratulations on your soon retirement!!
and really...
how was the cake? it looked delicious!!! (^-^)