Friday, May 27, 2011

Joining The Line

If my job will be tied to the success of my students, I'm glad to be getting out now.

Some of my algebra kids

1.  Don't do homework, or don't bother to check the ones they did.
2.  Don't bother to open the regents book while we are going over problems.
3.  Refuse to walk up to the front to pick up a calculator.  (Heaven forbid they brought their own.)
4.  Talk non stop.
5.  Don't go to tutoring.

It wouldn't matter that I spent my lunch tutoring Wendy.  She is the only one who bothers to come for help and she is not in my class so I get no points for her success.  And, all the college recommendations I've typed  would mean nothing either.

I've given it my all.  There is nothing left.  The unemployment line would be my new friend.

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Ricochet said...

I'm back!!

I will write this in my blog but I GAVE THE ANSWERS TO THE FINAL and had students score in the 30s - and no 100s.