Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Spending $8,000,000 on an Acuity test that will predict whether students will pass a regents exam is a ridiculous expense, especially when the city has no money and is threatening the layoff of thousands of teachers.  Especially ridiculous is the results of this exam.  Teachers can see the percentage of questions students got correct, but there is no information as to which questions they got wrong and need more work on, something a teacher's exam does all the time.  What's the point?  Acuity exams are just another project to line the pockets of the already rich at the expense of the students of NYC.


Anonymous said...

The city has plenty of money; remember the $3.1 billion surplus? The money is allocated for CTB/McGraw-Hill, who creates these Acuity monstrosities. The city has money to grease the palms of the corporate pigs at the feeding trough created by Bloomberg and his proto-fascist lackeys. This feeding frenzy has reached the national level, where the "National Core Curriculum" is owned by Pearson,also the publisher of very bad and expensive math textbooks.

Anonymous said...

Oh but the surplus is up to $3.2 billion and rising.