Thursday, May 19, 2011

Someone Saw Him Coming

When this bottle hit the floor in my night class, I asked, "Why do you carry a glass bottle?"  The boy it belonged to said, "this is gourmet water and costs $4.00 a bottle."  I said, "No water is worth that much."  He responded by promising to bring me a bottle so I could see for myself.

He kept his promise.  Guess what?  It tastes no different than the water that comes from my tap.

 I'm going to reuse the bottle and and tell people about my gourmet water, NYC's finest!

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Anonymous said...

I actually refuse to buy any water bottles (Poland Spring, Evian, etc) when I can just get the water from tap or really my Brita filter. I carry around my own water bottle that comes directly from the Brita.