Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Ending

It was obvious to me from the first day I met him that Alex was bored with his fourth term of Math A.  His answers and his interest was exceptional but his test grades left much to be desired.  I suggested Alex join the math team as it would give him an outlet for this undeveloped genius.  Both he and his mom agreed.  Mr. AP did not.  He did not want to "waste a seat" on a child who had only completed Math A and refused to let him in the class.  Not one to be stopped easily, I went to the person in charge of the team, told her all about him and she added him to the class.  Although his math was not up to the level of many of the other students, he did well and thrived in the environment this class provided.

Alex left Packemin and went on to Binghamton University. His mom just sent me the announcement of his graduation from Binghamton University's Engineering School.  I am sure other kids got passed over because someone decided they were not good enough.  I wonder how many kids have had the course of their lives altered by a callous decision. 

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ChiTown Girl said...

You obviously had quite an impact on this young man's life. It's nice that his mother took the time to show her appreciation. Such a RARE thing these days!