Friday, May 06, 2011

Giving My Support

I blew off the school play to go to varsity and junior varsity baseball games, a great decision as far as I am concerned.  (I managed to catch part of both games.)  I can't do it all and there were so many people at the play, I can guarantee no one noticed I wasn't there.

My first stop was Packemin.  Two of my AP kids are on the varsity team.  Both are great students and it was nice to see they are great athletes as well.  Then it was on to a nearby high school to watch one of my algebra kids play.  He was so happy to see me there.  I know he heard me cheering as he picked up his bat to swing.  I watched him get walked to first, steal second and third and then run home.  It would be an understatement to say he and I had a great relationship in class lately so it was nice to give him this extra support.  I will make a big deal about this game Monday.  I know his ego needs it.  As an added bonus, I got to talk to his mom and she explained the problems he was having with the meds that keep him focused and told me about the change she was making.  It is so great to work with caring, educated parents.

I know I am going to miss these little things when I give up teaching so I'm trying to pack in as many as I can now.  I want to keep the memory of the good stuff alive.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the part where the AP student first saw you at the game and was really happy to see you. It reminded me of when my mentor showed up on her own time (non-working time) to one of my classroom events. She was supposed to be leaving for a trip with her husband that day but came into school for the 2 hours because she knew that it was important to me.

It reminds me of how your student saw you at the game. I am sure that will be remembered for a long time and he will never forget it. It is the little things in how people show that they care that mean the most.

Anonymous said...

#24 is a sweetheart but I had to root for #22 on the opposing team!! Ended in a tie!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the students who were turned away at the door from a sold-out school play were also glad that you decided to blow it off, leaving a seat in prime viewing space empty rather than allowing them to support their friends.

Pissedoffteacher said...

No one can do it all. I'm sure the school sold my ticket when I didn't pick it up by curtain so no one was turned away because of me. And, the baseball teams loved the support.