Tuesday, May 03, 2011

No Big Deal

I talked to Karina's history teacher at lunch and discovered she does as little (or even less) in his class than she does in mine.  I decided to try to talk to her about this today, to try to help.  As soon as I mentioned Mr. Lincoln's name, she came back with "I don't like him.  He's so annoying.  He gets on my nerves."  I then said, "Don't I do the same thing to you?"  "Yes", she answered, "but I like you."

Big deal, she likes me.  I fight with her to work every day.  I call her mother at least once a week and she has had her phone taken away countless times.  Heaven only knows if she will pass the regents or even learn any math this term.  I'm not making a difference in her life.  Liking me accomplishes nothing.

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California Father said...

It does too. Happy Teacher's Day.