Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Truth

My friend Debbie, from etc, etc, etc, in Japan was having trouble explaining the problems NYC teachers have until she found the button above.  This sums it up perfectly!!


dkuroiwa said...

hahahaha!! my husband just walked by when i clicked on your site and he said "hey, that's your button!!"

what's even more sad? the fact that Japanese people understand this concept, too....i guess it must be universal!!

i flashed on you (or my image of you!!) last week...i met a dr's. wife...she's from England and as we were talking she asked me, "are you from new york?"
"??????" (that was me!)
"you just have a new york aura about you."
hmmmmm.....i wonder if that aura was 'sex in the city' aura or 'bag lady in central park'. ;-D i'm going with the first one!!!

have a great sunday. go do something i can l do vicariously through your photos!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

OMG, that button is AWESOME!!! I'm going over to etc's place right now and tell her so!

abused teacher said...

Or observe and bring charges against those who can teach!!!