Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Claim To Fame

Thank you to Sweet Girl for pointing this out, which you can find if you know my real name. 

(My excerpt is near the bottom.)

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burntoutteacher said...

But you are special. Yes we teachers toil unappreciated and scapegoated, try to do marvelous things despite it all, and put in incredible hours willingly. We work for and with people who only want to demoralize and oppress us but we work harder to show the demoralizers and oppressors that we care about the kids, care about their education, and know what we are doing. You however, Ms. PO'd, are a very very special teacher and I have, over the few years that I have followed your blog, become a real fan. I wish I had had you as a teacher lo these many years ago, I wish I had had you as a colleagues for the almost 25 years I have been teaching, I wish my kids had had you as a teacher. You are a very special kind of teacher, a very special kind of person.