Thursday, August 27, 2009

We're Sick Of Him

Heard on last night's news:

54% of New Yorkers are sick and tired of Bloomberg's face and voice.

It's time to stop those commercials.

I didn't watch last night's debate as I know I will vote for anyone who opposes Bloomberg.

Even the Naked Cowboy is a better choice.To read a full acoount of the debate, stop by Accountable Talk. Both candidates sound great. Based on what I read, I'm leaning towards Avella, but I really have to do some more research before September 15


Ms. Tsouris said...

The Naked Cowboy is my choice for mayor. I bet he wouldn't have a whining girly voice like Bloomberg. I'm sick of him, his "mayoral control" scam, his contempt for hard working outer borough dwellers, his supercilious attitude towards those he perceives as his subjects, and his vision of being NY State dictator, engineering power over state authorities. I was sick of him about 5 minutes into his term. Naked Cowboy for mayor!!

Anonymous said...

Even if Naked Cowboy's politics sucked, he'd at least be better to look at. Do you think he'd keep the hawtpants on if he gets elected? That would make for interesting TV.

Anonymous said...

I had it with all those Bloomie mailings I get every other day. How is that good for the environment??