Saturday, August 08, 2009

Vacation Booty

Why would people who just spent what we did on vacation need to bring home all those little soaps, creams and shampoos the hotels give out?

I took out a hand cream in class one day and a boy yelled out "I thought only X#&$ people (he mentioned his race here) took those things." Obviously, we are not the only people to do this.

Now, where am I going to put them all? And, what am I going to do with them?


Mrs. T said...

After wondering the same thing for a year or so, we ended up making toiletry kits for a local homeless shelter- putting the shampoo and soap into individual ziploc bags with an inexpensive washcloth.

Ms. Tsouris said...

I take them because of that ridiculous TSA rule that nothing liquid or gel can be over 3 oz. I guess your student felt the same way I felt about my family taking home the rolls in the napkins. It wasn't like we were starving or didn't have bread at home. It was embarrassing!!

Kate said...

I like them for traveling and for my gym bag.

My mom uses them in her guest bathroom.

Tamara said...

My suggestion was like kate's. When I would travel to NY to visit my cousin, they had a HUGE basket in their guest bathroom of all the products from hotels. It was a nice little touch and interesting to look through while using the toilet :D

12 more years said...

My goodness, everybody had such sweet benevolent responses to this post. Me? I take the damn things because a) they usually smell delish, and b) heck, I just spent all that money and those things are MINE!

Pissedoffteacher said...

12--your answer is the reason I love you. I thing that is the reason I do take them.

mathmom said...

I like them too. I keep some in the guest bathroom in case our guests forget something, and I use some for travel. I do also like to donate to the local homeless shelter if I have more than I know what to do with.

Rachel Grynberg said...

During most of my childhood, we never had to buy:
Ketchup, Salt, Sugar and Sweet and Low

Between trips to Grossinger's and fast food restaurants, we had these things running out of our ears. But, when you have no money, want to go on vacation sometimes, want to eat out sometimes and have kids...these are good fillers...

To this day, I leave with a fistfull of sugar when I get coffee. I don't even use sugar. It's just a habit.

On another subject, do you know anyone who teaches or has taught middle school whom I could pay to mentor me? I'd pay well and per hour and would use the person until January, at least.

Pissedoffteacher said...

i take sugar packets as well.

Why don't you e-mail have a gneiss day. Her link is on the side. She has been teaching middle school for a long time.

I really don't know anyone middle school teachers, sorry.

I think you are worrying way too much. When you get in the classroom, you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

I take them too. Heck they are supposed to be used. And some of the products from the nicer hotels are better than what I have at home.

I too use them for travel.

Margaret said...

I like them for traveling and for my purse; I even put them in the showers, just for a change. They're fun to have because it's not enough to get tired of the scent.