Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not Your Private Property

Living in NYC means that parking spots are often limited. But, it also means that it is legal to park your car on streets that do not say "No Parking" and your parking time is not limited unless there is a meter telling you so.

If you are lucky and own your own home in NYC, it often comes with a driveway and a garage. Houses in my neighborhood have both. Every house also has a spot in front of it but the spot does not belong to the owners of the house. The street is public and parking is open to every car.

My friend R left her car in front of one of these houses while we were cruising. When she returned, the lady of the house was quite rude. In fact, she told R that the POd's should know better than to park a car in front of her house. R is very sweet. She apologized profusely, put her bag in the car and came back to my house.

My neighbor probably won't say anything to me but if she does, she better look out. I am going to ask her which house she wanted my friend to park in front of. I will also ask her where she wants me to park when there is a car in front of my house. And, I will tell her to move to the suburbs if private parking is all that important to her. But, I hope the incident just drops. I hate fighting with anyone.

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