Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sleeping With The Enemy

Well, Mayor Money Bags has finally been able to do what I have been unable to do for years. Bloomberg has convinced my husband that it might be time for a change in the leadership of this city. Yes, I know, I have been sleeping with the enemy for years, but love makes strange bedfellows and at least he is finally seeing the light.

The first sign of discontent came when Bloomberg upped our pensions back to the original 8.25%. Although hubby wants me to make more money, this maneuver on Bloomberg's part was an obvious move to gain votes. After all, he has been complaining about teacher pensions for years. What motivation could he possibly have for giving in except for that of winning votes?

The second (and probably the bigger of the two) reasons for his discontent is all Bloomberg's transportation issues. We all know that the economy sucks and the city is in dire need of money. Yet, now, Bloomberg is proposing using school buses to transport senior citizens to shopping areas and doctors appointments. This is a great idea, one needed and appreciated. But, hubby wants to know why nothing was done years ago, especially when money flowed easier and the city would have been able to support this enormous project. Hubby is also wondering about Bloomberg's mission to improve transit. He doesn't recall Bloomberg making a big fuss when the MTA raised fares and closed LIRR stations in Queens.

Hubby is sick of Bloomberg's face and voice every time he turns on the television. He is seeing through the false hopes and promises Bloomberg is giving the citizens of NYC. He is sick of the wasted flyers we get in the mail at least twice a week and tired of watching me write some nonsense on each before I send them back. (It is only pennies, but sending them back is taking money from the campaign fund.)

Let's hope that others will find Bloomberg's push to be king as irritating, obnoxious and useless as my husband is finding it. Let's hope that others will be turned off just as much. Right now I am happy to have the enemy at home subdued.

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Anonymous said...

THem boys in Bayside are the most dangerous and backwards of all. The city should toughen inspections for medical, psychiatric and vehicle reasons to cut down the number of congestion. This way, we will also get the voters against congestion pricing, who live in Bayside and Staten Island, to move away. Free health care means psychiatric care for all those angry talk radio white males!