Saturday, August 01, 2009

Unaccountable Education Mayor

(This bear has better living conditions than some NYC students have learning conditions--thank you Mr. Education Mayor.)

What happened the the education Mayor's promise to get rid of all trailer classrooms?

Shouldn't he be accountable for these deplorable conditions?

Evil Moskowitz's charter schools students don't have to learn in these conditions, why do NYC kids?

Accountability should start at the top!


Rachel Grynberg said...

Thanks for the supportive words on my posting. This Mayor is allowed to get away with double talk everywhere. No new school buildings, but TWO new baseball stadiums, neither of which can sell out now because they are so expensive. The old Yankees Stadium used to sell out every night. The new one is losing money hand-over-fist. And how much did we pour into it? Not to mention we built a new stadium for a team which is 90 percent on the disabled list (The Mets) and couldn't give tickets away now.
Kids need good buildings in which to learn. People would go see the Yankees in a barn so long as they can afford the tickets and they win (mostly). A good businessman should've known that. He also should've saved some of our money for the recession which he helped to cause.

Ms. Tsouris said...

Good point, Floraine. You talk about stadiums, and the Mets. When they played at Shea, their organization would give a single local little league 2,000 low priced (< $10) tickets to their games and invite all the little leagues to a special day at the stadium where the kids walked all around the bases. You can guess what happened to all those tickets and the kids' special day...they offered 500 of those low priced tickets to the entire borough this year. In addition, Bloomberg is slowly strangling the middle class with his destruction of decent education and his willingness to have us pay with our tax dollars for his billionaire fantasies.