Monday, August 10, 2009

Giving Thanks

(Church in Berne, Switzerland)

Bill went to a Catholic High School and A Catholic College. So, when he started teaching, he did what any good Catholic would do, he requested a day off to honor his holiday. He knew that the contract allowed ROs, his attendance was good and he saw no reason to not take the day off.

Too bad Bill's principal did not feel the same way. Mrs. Principal called Bill into her office and told him the day was not that important. (Mrs. Principal is not a Catholic.) She did tell him that legally he was entitled to the day and that if he really wanted it he could leave the papers on her desk.

Bill thought. He was a first year teacher. He liked the kids and he liked the school he was in. He put himself through college and worked hard to get his master's degree. He had a lot invested in this job and was not willing to risk losing it so he decided to give up the RO and go to work. He knew if he took the day, he would win the battle, but lose the war and probably be on the unemployment line in September.

Thanks Bloomberg and thanks Randi. You gave Principals so much power that you stripped teachers of basic rights. The teachers of NYC have much to be grateful for.

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