Friday, August 28, 2009

I Found It

I don't know how to use ARIS, but I do know how to use

I found my class lists, so I know what I am teaching. (Not the periods though.)

At least now I can get some stuff ready for the first day.

Thank you to the anonymous commenter who told me to check ARIS and gave me the idea of checking the other site.


appple said...

what a great idea! check ARIS! of course! i'm a tech teacher, i've had training, $80 million's gotta be useful somehow...

i have no students or classes listed in there.

Anonymous said...

I asked the CL why we couldn’t be treated more professionally and given this information since it’s available.

12 more years said...

Funny thing is, I found this information accidentally yesterday when I for some sick reason decided to check ARIS.