Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation Three

This building is featured in the June/July issue of American Craft in an essay about architects and glass. I was thrilled to realize I had taken its pictured and marveled at its structure way before I read the article.

Thursday I hit the high seas with my two closest friends, the people I have known and grown up with since junior high school.

We are leaving NYC, having a fun day at sea, a day in St John, another day at sea and then home. Two of us live in the NYC area and the third is flying in from her home in the deep south. I'm really looking forward to picking her up a the airport tomorrow when her flight arrives.

The three of us have not spent any real time together since our senior trip in high school. This one will be better because it includes drinks. My husband told me not to get in any kind of trouble as he does not want to come to Canada to bail me out. I told him not to worry. If I get arrested, my first duty is to call the school and apprise them of the situation.

I won't have internet access on the ship. They charge way too much and I am way too cheap to pay. I have scheduled posts to pop up on the days away. Meanwhile, above are some pictures I took on High Line this past weekend.


Anonymous said...

Just don't jaywalk in Canada. A few years ago I was with three friends in Toronto. Two were walking fast and I and the other friend were moving along at a leisurely pace. Then we laggers noticed our two fast friends standing talking to a policeman. He gave them a jaywalking ticket
($100 Canadian).
Jaywalking is taken much more seriously there than in New York City.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have to report it if it is out of state or country.

Go wild... it would make for an entertaining blog entry. -es

P.S. Have a great time. Bom Voyage.