Monday, August 03, 2009

Still Another Reason

(Wild flower--Emerald Lake)

Stop Bloomberg--another reason. Read it here. (NYC Parents Blog)


Anonymous said...

see this is where you are wrong.

I read the article and immediately thought of you. I wanted to let you know about it...

but more interesting than the article itself is the comments posted in the community.

Again I say... this is not a NYC problem but a National Problem. And maybe even an international problem.

Mayoral Control is not wrong... but maybe the approach to education is. Bloomberg/Klein did not invent standardized testing and test prep... they just developed an entire system of measuring the effectiveness of schools based on standardized testing.

The real argument that should be had is what should schools look like today? Where are the parenting courses... Where are the commitment to the arts.

Why do we even need Regents exams?
Should we let every teacher have their own standards?

Listen... if nothing else, this is has healthy dialogue about education this world has seen since John Dewey & Horace Mann.

Pissedoffteacher said...

This is why we need strong voices to speak out against the policies being foisted on education today. Educators, especially principals need to strike out against these forces of evil. People like Bloomberg need to be struck down so real education can take place. Maybe Bloomberg didn't cause the problem but an education mayor should be able to do something about it. So far he has done nothing.

Why not address all the no bid contracts and the waste at Tweed? Afraid to touch those issues?

Anonymous said...

no... not afriad... I just decided to take a different tack. Supporting Mayoral Control being one of them.

I once again couldn't agree with you more on the no bid contracts and waste at Tweed. But speaking out just isolates you... being part of task forces, roundtables, forums, allows you a voice that has more impact.

Just my honest humble opinion.

You & your husband must be getting some workout. Unbelievable pics.

Anonymous said...

the conversation is fascinating: