Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gotta Love These Memos

Several of my former colleagues are keeping me amused by forwarding the department memos.  These two lines are particularly entertaining:

7.         A higher grade should not be given to a nice student while a lower grade given to a student who is not “nice” in your eyes if they have the same average.
8.         Please be very conservative in giving grades.  After you calculate each student’s average, please lower their average by 5 points if their exam grades are decreasing and increase the average it by 5 points if their exam grades are increasing.

 I don't have to put up with this lunacy anymore.  But I can still laugh at it and post it here for others to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

and also clearly a waste of paper...

kherbert said...

Where I'm from #8 has a special name - FRAUD. You give the kids what they earn no more no less.

Schoolgal said...

At least in elementary school there is a place on the report card to reward effort.

But an average is an average--and to lower it seems criminal and to up it seems unfair.

AP does continue to amuse us.

ChiTown Girl said...

What the hell!?