Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Unfair Advantage Or Just Plain Old Cheating

Is it considered cheating if a teacher goes into the room a regents is being given in and translates the exam for the students in the room?  Does translating mean explaining the questions?

Is it wrong for the AP to laud it over everyone else how the students in the rooms with translators did so much better than the students in the room without translators?

Or is this fine?  Does not knowing the Martian word for say, "isometry" mean that the translator can explain that word while the the students are taking an exam?  Weren't these kids taught the word "isometry" and then given the Martian translation?  How about the English speaking kids who didn't know what an isometry was? Shouldn't this have been explained to them to?  (How many readers had to click on the word to see what it meant?)

If this isn't cheating, shouldn't all students be given the same advantage?  Even English speaking kids might need a translator for certain words.  And, if it is cheating, it should be stopped.

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Anonymous said...

I think I heard it is ok for AP's to conduct themselves this way. IT IS NOT CONSIDERED CHEATING especially if the students are part of the AP's statistics!