Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Media Is Finally Seeing The Truth Behind Credit Recovery

The media has finally woken up to the sham of credit recovery.  Oh, the stories I could tell...I've seen kids pay others to do courses for them and I've seen teachers dedicate their own classrooms to credit recovery.

How can any intelligent person believe that a child who could not do the work for while sitting in class will be able to take the next class, take a full load of classes and then complete credit recovery for 4 additional classes at the same time is beyond me. I've seen course loads of credit recovery that alone would take at least 20 hours a week and that 20 hours is beyond the regular school day.  If anyone bothered to look at the crazy assignments we hand kids, they would see what a farce this is.

And then these kids go to college and expect the same kind of treatment. 

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Sonja said...

I had a student use the credit recovery program while assigned to the Alternative Learning site (night school for thugs) and he managed to earn an "A" in chemistry...however, when he came back the last week of school to his day classes, he couldn't even identify a "beaker".