Thursday, November 03, 2011

Should Have Spoken Up then

They sat back and said nothing while others were being abused.  They ignored issues that faced them and waited for someone else to deal with the problem.  They were safe in their own little world, remaining incognito to keep the good life they enjoyed.

Things have changed.  The ones who stood up are no longer around.  Evil policies are the norm of the day.  The bully, in need of someone to bully is now picking on them.


Schoolgal said...

We both knew this would happen.

And as more teachers retire, the ones put on the pedestals as being "effective" would one day have to teach the "problem students".

Nice to know the missiles are now aimed at them. The big question is: What are they going to do about it??

Anonymous said...

No surprise. Before I came to Packemin I was in Dead Presidents HS. We had a very abusive principal who got rid of an entire department. No one stood up for us. As soon as we left he started in with other people who up to that point were his toadies and made their lives miserable.

When will people learn that bullies need people to abuse. Silence gets you nowhere.
If you dont stand up for others , you may be next on the firing line.


Anonymous said...

Most principals are sociopaths!