Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sad Shape Of Today's Teacher

As a young teacher, the thought of retirement never crossed my mind or the mind of my friends.   The word was never uttered from any of our lips.  Even as we hit our 30's and 40's, we never thought about leaving the profession we loved.

Today, it is all anyone thinks about.  There is no joy in living in the present so the future is what is occupying every one's mind.  How sad. 


Schoolgal said...

When we started teaching, while there were demands, there was also freedom how to teach and be creative.

Those days are gone!!!!

Cara Boutkids said...

When I was teaching I--& many others--thought our district was the only really crazy place out there.Now that I'm retired & actually have some time (!), I've been reading your blog & others across the country, & it GREATLY saddens me that not only is/was our district the only crazy one, but districts & schools all over the country are just as crazy &, perhaps, even crazier!! However, though, instead of making one feel better (i.e., my colleagues & I are not in this alone), it makes me feel much, much worse. How did everything get so crazy? What's happened to the education world whereby most of the adults (admin.,D.O.E., etc.)have become & act like children?!

This is way beyond just plain sad.