Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday In The City

I knew better than to shop, but I love the store windows this time of year.  That, combined with the good weather and my friend's only day off, I headed in and spent the day on Fifth Ave. (with a slight deter first to Bloomingdale's on Lex and then Barney's on Madison.)  The windows at Bloomingdale's were disappointing.  It seemed like no one could come up with a new idea so they just brought back ones from the past.  Barney's had a tribute to Lady Gaga.  Not their best, but interesting.  Bergdorf's has  really cool ones, they always do.  You have to check out both sides of the street and see them all.  Bendel's had some cool ones and if you need a bathroom stop--head in and then go down the stairs on the left.  All booths are private with their own sinks.  They are spotless, have plenty of supplies, even tissues and smell great.  Sak's had some bubble and snow stuff which wasn't so great, maybe because I am unfamiliar with the story.  Lord and Taylor's were nice, and they usually are.  My favorite is always Macy's.  The music piped onto the street really makes them come alive.

More pictures here--glare was not good to the camera.  Wheverever you live--go out and enjoy the holiday decorations.  Looking if free and great entertainment.

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dkuroiwa said...

i can't imagine a better city to be in at this time of year!!! beautiful!! on friday, i was showing my students videos from youtube of the Macy's parade and after commenting about all the balloons, bands and people...we were looking at the storefronts. i'd love to come and visit....just grab a big cup of coffee and stroll through the streets!!! thank you so much for sharing your city with me (well...and the others, too, but...yeah, me!!).
have a great weekend!!!