Monday, November 14, 2011

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

If the media saw my college students struggling with math they should have learned in high school they would have a pretty ugly picture of the great job the Education Mayor has done.

 Bloomberg has lowered the level of knowledge of high school graduates to depths never before reached by humans.


NYC Educator said...

In Bloombergworld, stats that make the mayor look good are trumpeted all over creation, while those that don't are either ridiculed or ignored. One thing I noticed is that despite their graduationnand passing rates, Bloomberg's new small boutique schools failed to match large schools iin terms of college readiness. Yet he still can't wait to close every last gosh darn one of them.

Anonymous said...

I am not completely sure Bloomberg is human himself...he seems to be out of touch with reality....

Schoolgal said...

Bloomberg will find a way of turning the truth around and blaming it on the teachers.

He continues to fill up every space of a school from closets to the teachers' lounge.

Channel 7 got video of a special ed class having to share space with the refrig, microwave, bathrooms and a dean making phone calls.

That video is posted on SUPPORT PUBLIC SCHOOLS on FB. I wish you had sent your pics of the trailer conditions to the media.