Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today is my last class at Packemin.  Although I retired in June, I have been back, teaching a morning class for the community college.  This was my way ease out of the high school.  And, I have to say, it was the right thing for me to do.

Being back on a daily basis for the past three months showed me what I should have known all along, that I did the right thing by retiring.  I still get goose bumps when kids from last year gives me a big grin, a hug or tell they wish I was their geometry teacher this year.  But, people like Norm were right, I don't miss it.  I think I am going to like not having to leave my warm bed on cold mornings to face the ice and snow and rain. I am not going to miss the feelings of big brother watching my every move and I am certainly not going to miss the icy cold stares from Mr. AP  (Thankfully I didn't see him very often.  I leave before he is probably out of bed in the morning).  I won't even mention all the PD I won't miss.

I was at Packemin for almost 27 years and I walked out in June the way I walked in, alone.  I'll do the same today.


burntoutteacher said...

I know that today will be bittersweet for you. If it were only about the kids, we would die with chalk in our hands (or the smartboard remote if that is our preference), taking our last breaths with a full class in front of us. But congratulations once again on getting away from the nonsense, the politics, the favoritism, the ageism, anti-semitism, ridiculous paperwork, faddish mandates, out-of-touch tyrants, absurd meetings, etc. I think many of us new retirees need some sort of post traumatic syndrome therapy after what we have endured, especially the past few years when the Klein/Bloomberg monster transforming education in NYC into what it is today. Again, congratulations on your retirement. You have been an incredible teacher, role model (not just for the kids but for us colleagues as well), inspiration.

Anonymous said...

My mentor (also my surrogate mom) retired 2 years ago from Long Island after more than 25 years. It took her a few years to make this decision but when she did and she is also happy with her decision.

Anonymous said...

Dear Po'd

You were a positive force for quality education at Packemin which the Mr. A/Ps of the world are too self centered and full of themselves to realize. I can still visualize you sitting on the floor outside the teachers cafeteria tutoring students on your own time.

You will miss the kids (I know I do)but you certainly will not miss Mr. A/P and Principal Suit and all the other empty suits who run NYC schools.

May you go from strength to strength.


Anonymous said...

Retired in June 2010 after 21 years in an inner city school and have not missed it one little bit.