Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Need To Bully Continues

The supervisor can't beat up on the teacher anymore so is s/he beating up on the teacher's students?  Why is this horrible, unbelievable thought gnawing away at the teacher's heart?

Two girls were having trouble scraping together the $87 they need for the AP exam.  (These two did not qualify for a fee waiver.  One filled out form wrong originally and the other has a parent who just lost her job.)  This person came to speak to them, took them out of class to talk to someone else and brought them back, in tears, 15 minutes later.  They never got to talk to the other person so the teacher knows exactly who is responsible for the wet eyes.

We had a senior assembly today.  The kids were told all that could be done to help them graduate on time.  Lots of money is being spent to get everyone out.  Two top kids, two kids needing help were reduced to tears as the bully who pretended to help just delivered some blows. A teacher who did something like this would be taken out of the classroom, justly so.  The supervisor just goes on his/her merry way.

Well, there is a happy ending.  There are people that care and both girls will be taking the exam with the rest of the class in May.


harvey said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Good for you, PO'd you are a mench!

Ricochet said...

I am happy an angel stepped in!!

One of mine said she won't take the calc exam. The $87 plus his not teaching it well enough that the girl felt she could pass.