Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crunch Time

Weekend jobs, JROTC competitions and practices, and college visits are just some of the reasons the kids couldn't make it to school for Saturday tutoring.  They felt bad because they know they need the help.  The AP exam is less than one month away and we haven't finished the curriculum.  The single period is killing us.  The ones who made it accomplished quite a bit.  If I hadn't promised my husband I would be home to go out for lunch, I would probably still be there.

Next week, I'll try an after school session.  Many of the kids will face the same problems.  Some are finished with school before I get my first bathroom break of the day.  Others have part-time jobs and baby sitting responsibilities.  We'll see.  A large group has already requested that we meet during spring break.  I didn't commit, but I know I will break down and say yes.

It will be over soon.  May 19 is less than a month away and I know the kids appreciate the effort.


Anonymous said...

I wish the DOE officials can see you and other teachers in school on a Saturday morning. And critics say that we have a part time job?

Anonymous said...

Did you take that picture last week at the PBS event? I took that same picture right before the UFT Panel.