Friday, March 04, 2011


While my 9th period class (a very small group) took an exam today, I decided to clean out the desk in the room, something that  has not been done since the turn of the century.  (A little exaggeration here, but you get the point.)  In a top drawer, under a pile of crap, I found a pile of beautifully done research papers.  I started browsing through them and realized they must have been an extra credit assignment some math teacher decided to give to the honor class s/he was teaching.  I was appalled to realize I was probably the first teacher to turn any of the pages in these folders.  It sickened me to find I have, or had a colleague who treated the hard work of the students s/he taught with such disrespect.  Why make kids spend hours doing work like this and totally disregard their efforts?


mathematicamama said...

Extra credit reports in math??!! The teacher probably got sent to the RR for educationally abusing students and not sticking to the curriculum and pacing guide. The new teacher did not understand enough of the math to read and grade them and put them in the drawer. (Sarcasm intended loud and clear)

Anonymous said...

That is totally unacceptable.
Are there any dates on these papers and do you know which teacher assigned this work?

This is why I hated assigning book reports, but it was mandated by the principal. Instead of letting us teach them the writing process and how to think about books, I had to read through horrible spelling and nonsensical paragraphs. But we must make the school "look good" first!!
There are so many other, more creative ways, for kids to respond to literature.

Anonymous said...

Pissed Off: That is disheartening. I know we have much work to do, but the students deserve our respect and attention to that in which we ask of them. As a pissedoff teacher too, I am getting involved in policy making. Here is a great website to read/comment/ and perhaps become involved directly with the powers that be.

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