Sunday, March 13, 2011

That Martini Doesn't Want To Wait

Dear Chancellor Black,

On behalf of the New York City teachers, students and parents, I would like to thank you for the almost five minutes you spent today at the Robotics competition. The thirty second speech you made praising these students was underwhelming and thank you for not criticizing those who booed you loudly from the stands. Especially impressive was your failure to turn around to address the crowd behind you. Do you know that the hard working New York City teachers received almost no money for the work they did helping prepare for this event? The teachers from my school were paid for twenty hours and estimated their real work hours to be closer to 130. (No sour grapes from me, I did not work on this exhibition.)  I think they were being modest. This weekend alone they put in over 30 hours. Were you around long enough to see the teachers and students from Jamaica HS, you know, that school you want to close down?

I watched from the stands as you tried to make a speedy departure after the heartwarming speech you made. I suppose speaking to the press and smiling for the cameras was good PR and something worth postponing your afternoon martini for but those pesky parents who tried to talk to you on the way out were a real bother. It is a shame that you did not take the time to watch the matches and talk to the people in the pits,the ones who made this great event possible.  Did you see the faces of the kids?  Did you see the intense looks as they worked on their robots and the joy they felt when the assignments were successfully completed?

Do you know there was a team that traveled all the way from Hawaii to compete? They actually have a government there that supports activities like these? Why can't you do the same? You even want to take back the extra money Principals have at the end of the year, money they could use to support activities like these.

Again, thank you for taking time away from your weekend social activities to see first hands what the teachers and the students of NYC can and do accomplish. I'm sure that five minutes gave you more than you care about anyway.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. POd,
NYC High School Teacher Who Gave More than Five Minutes


NYC Private Schools said...

So sorry this event didn't turn out as planned for the teachers, receiving recognition is important, and is well deserved. At least the kids in the photos look like they are making great memories.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! To take the time to show and support public school students was an inconvenience.

What would make her even happier, this job if it didn't include the kids, the parents and teachers. What a bother we are.

Valannin said...

I'm truly sorry that the person who sits at the right hand of the Emperor couldn't find more than five minutes in her busy day of...well, whatever it is she does, to properly acknowledge a job well done. Look on the bright side - our school, which used to host a Robotics team, pulled the plug so it could finance more outside "consultants." At least the kids at the tournament got something out of it.

ed notes online said...

I was at the LEGO League registration table when I saw her wiz by. But forgettabouther. The weekend (there were 4 separate events taking place for kids 6-high school) was a fabulous event and Sunday we had 77 teams from public, private and community based schools at the FLL event. Everyone had a party. Sorry I missed you but I have some excellent video which I will post on ed notes and normsrobotics blogs.
And you are right about the teachers who put in so much effort on so many weekends without thanks- and surprise - many of them are not just the "young enthusiastic" teachers so lauded by the ed deformers. What a shock: senior enthusiasts.