Monday, March 14, 2011

Best Is Already Here

Sunday night, 60 Minutes ran one of the worst teacher bashing shows I have ever seen.  They even had a segment with Joel Klein saying all a teacher had to do to get tenure was show up and breath.

The whole story was about how big bucks attract great teachers and how working 80 - 90 hours a week makes every student a superstar, only that didn't happen in this particular charter school and most teachers could not keep up this pace.  Besides, why should anyone have to work 80- 90 hours a week to get kids to succeed?  Isn't this requirement in itself an indication that something is wrong?

I've been teaching a long time and I've worked for a lot less than $125,000 with lots of colleagues who also make a lot less.  That lack of money never stopped any of us from doing our best to get our kids to learn and succeed.  Sure, more money would be nice but when a kid is standing in front of you and you know you can help, your $40,000 - $100,000 salary doesn't keep you from doing it. New York City has some of the finest teachers around.  Bigger paychecks cannot attract better teachers.  The best are already here.


Anonymous said...

The ed deformers as well as the rest of the country do not understand this little philosophy/acronym.

K.I.S. = keep it simple.

My dad came up with his acronym derived from KIS and changed it to KISS = Keep it simple stupid.

Less is more.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but your dad did not come up with that.

Try google, it helps

Unknown said...

I got to view the 6o mins. video for the first time today. The whole concept gives me the creeps. How do those teachers bear having someone on their backs constantly, working endless hours, all the while knowing they might be fired at any time? It's just horrible. As for getting the best teachers, great teachers are not in it for the money, or they would have chosen another profession.