Friday, January 29, 2010

Principal's New Office

There is a rumor going around (I started the rumor and there is no evidence what so ever that it is true) that the principal has magnanimously decided to leave from his sprawling office and move into the vacated janitor closet on the second floor. At first, this room was being considered for classroom space, but when the Principal noticed the little alcove, complete with an escape hatch, he decided to keep this room for himself.

The entrance way is complete with pipes and exposed wires. I did see a custodian fixing this as I was getting ready to leave this afternoon.

This little alcove will be perfect for a desk and wait until you see what is behind the door.

It is an escape hatch. If angry teachers or parents descend upon the principal, he can just open the door and jump to the basement and make a safe getaway.

There is plenty of overhead lighting

The front will make a perfect reception area. There will be room for a secretary's desk once the chairs are removed.

Some of the desks have already to be moved out and and are ready to go to their new location.
At night, the janitors will be able to store their equipment inside.
Are we at Packemin lucky? How many principals would be willing to work in a spot like this?


Suzie Q said...

I think he'll fit in very nice. He hasn't been eating too many donuts lately.

Schoolgal said...

Some closets in my former school are being used by teachers who service one-on-one or a few students at a time. Now we lost many of those closets to a newly built elevator which btw was installed during the school year even though the school was empty during the summer.

mathman42 said...

Be careful; they might make your own rubber room. AKA the brig.