Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The resource room teacher was worried. She was terribly sick and could not make it to school. She had an exam that one of her students needed to complete. The resource room teacher gave her husband a mission. He had to get the exam to someone who could deliver it to the student as soon as possible. The husband obeyed. As for whether the child took the exam, I do not know yet.

I told the switchboard to ask the sub to stop by my room to pick up the exam. When the period began and no sub materialized, I sent the exams to the room. No one was in the room so I sent the exams up to the AP. I don't know what happened with them after that but the boy who delivered them came down and said, Ms. X is really angry with you. She is coming down to talk to you. (I still haven't seen her but I am not shaking in my pants while I waiting.)
Note: she said she was coming down to see me, not to see why there was no sub in the room.

The husband, not a teacher, could not understand why his wife would be so concerned. She was sick and someone else could take over. He didn't know the story of my students who missed their extended time (I did give it to them the following day) and the chaos that can reign when the teacher is absent. Sadly, no one in charge bothers to mind the ship, even when they are given a heads up to the problem.

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Abstract Randomizer said...

Earlier this year, I was pulled out of school for reasons that were complete nonsense. When I asked what I should do about sub plans and report card grades that were due later that week, I was told not to worry about them. Uh huh. I e-mailed lesson plans to two teachers, hoping that one of them would get the information in time. Neither did, and guess who got even further grief for it? Uh huh. I ended up calculating grades for three classes by hand without a grade program and e-mailing those to the principal directly because I wasn't allowed back into the school until they figured I was okay.
Again, who minds the store? I think administrators must have to take a test to ensure that they lose half their common sense and 90% of their compassion.