Friday, January 15, 2010

Message To The Accountable Education Mayor

Hey Mayor Money Bags,

When the glare bothers, can you close a blind or a shade? How about when it bothers any of your staff? do you order new window coverings or fix the ones you have? The custodians at Packemin have no chord to fix the problem and there are no extra shades around. When the kids in our classrooms can't see the board we have to stick part of a broken shade in a window and then slam the window to hold it down. Some kids still can't see the board. But hey, that is what you want anyway. If they can't see the board, they won't be able to do the work, they will fail, lower graduation rates and then you will have another school to close down. (Part of your master plan, right?)

Or how about when you have to hold a meeting with a staff member? Do you tell that staff member to pull up a piece of the floor? Today, this boy and I had another staff member fall on us as he wasn't looking at the floor as he walked by. Luckily none of us were badly injured.

How about fixing some of the school problems instead of rushing to just close them down? Everyone knows that if you have your way, our "A" rated school will soon be on your list.


ChiTown Girl said...

Amen, Sista, Amen!!

Here in ChiTown, our CEO has been under scutiny this week because it was discovered that he has not one, but TWO "company" cars, paid for by the taxpayers, and I'm sure out of the education budget. It was reported that it costs $1800+ a month to keep him the lap of luxury. Assbag!

Anonymous said...

Mayor MoneyBay will not spend not one penny on a school as long as it is still an older public school.

Now if you want those items to be repaired, then you must be phased out, first, renamed another school, and finally, be fortunate enough to be that percentage of teachers hired through the Article 18D process. Once the school goes through that process, viola, new windows, great floors, beautiful lockers, shiney new desks and truly comfortable chairs, abundance of supplies, technology for the 21st century and maybe for the 22nd century.

Wow, I remember 21 years ago when all you had to do was put a note in the custodian's mailbox and those items would be fixed.

Fast forward and what a difference a re-re-elected mayor make!