Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Legal Weed

The governor of New Jersey just signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana. The marijuana eases the suffering of many, including cancer, HIV sufferers, and people with MS. Many of the citizens of that state are up in arms. They are afraid the marijuana will end up in the hands of the wrong people, that children will get it and that it will be sold for profit.

How ridiculous! A drug is available to ease suffering and there are people trying to keep it unavailable because of what could possibly happen? Imagine if the life saving drugs of today were kept off the market because they might have been used for illicit reasons?

Alcohol is dangerous, yet it is available to everyone over 21. The same is true of tobacco products. Marijuana sales will be strictly regulated. We have to trust. Those who want to use the drug now manage to get it on the street. Many are now getting this substance and providing a market for drug dealers right now. Hopefully the legalization will cut into the illegal market.

Let’s not protest something that can and will help many improve their quality of life.

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bud said...

It has to be legalized in my lifetime, I think it is absolutely ridiculous. Alcohol is just as bad, if not worse and Weed have the same potential downfalls as cigarettes.