Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Turn 30 and You Are Out

Walking around Sandal’s I noticed that every single employee, whether a pool boy, a bartender a maid, or a grounds keeper is under 30 and good looking. I wondered what happened to the employees when they turned 30 and started asking. Everyone looked at me, made a joke and changed the subject until one brave soul, confirmed my suspicions.

I won’t say what job this person did or even make up a name for him/her because if I accidentally use a real name or even mention a real job, this employee can become unemployed, so I will just use the name X. X told me that Sandals’s gets rid of the majority of their employees by the time they turn 30 because they don’t want to pay retirement benefits or even give major wage increases. There is a union, but the Sandal's is bigger than the union and talking to them might mean immediate dismissal from the job.

Mayor Moneybags would like to use this model for NYC schools. He wants to hire them young, keep them smiling and working like dogs for a few years and then, as soon as they get wise and experience, he would fire them. I'm not so sure the UFT is strong enough to hold out.

Business and education do not mix.

Pictured above are some of my favorite Sandal's employees. (None of these guys spoke to me about Sandal's employment policy.) Since they were constantly trying to take my picture, I kept taking theirs. One even gave me some photography lessons.


Anonymous said...

The funny part is that EVERYONE turns thirty at one time or another! These young AP's will too some day! What goes around comes around...........

Anonymous said...

Rent the movie "Logan's Run" where every person is eliminated (by death on the Carosel) when they reach the age of 30.

If Mayor-4-life had it his way, many of the teachers would be placed on that Carosel.

Anonymous said...

Time for a revolution! Incidently, aren't most politicians over 30? And most CEOs? Do these "rules" apply to them, too?


Abstract Randomizer said...

There are two tiers in society:
1. The worker drones, who can't ever expect to earn respect or due process and must fight for every scrap they can get;
2. The Powers That Be, who can do whatever, whenever, and to whomever.
Get used to it.

Pissed Off said...

Those who get used to it are those doomed. While there is life and breath in me, I will fight for equality. I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

PoT, My sentiments exactly to abstractrandomizer!

Either the blogger is a Powers that Be person and therefore doesn't respect the issue here and takes advantage of the hardworking people. Or the blogger is a very disgruntled drone who has given up and only shows apathy.

Either way, it's unacceptable and the blogger should get used to hearing the voice of fighters!