Sunday, January 31, 2010

Build It And They Will Come

Moriah wants all of us bloggers who are against mayoral control to start our own news journal and beat Bloomberg at his own game. Go over and see what she has to say.

To all I might have offended with my post on the CBS piece on the Rubber Room, I apologize. I know it could have been more pro teacher and it could have pointed out the fallacies with the system and the corrupt pricnipals, but it was the first piece I have seen that pointed out the other side of the issue.


Chaz said...

I thought it was heavily edited and was slightly negative. They kept repeating that the 530 teachers (it is really 650) in the rubber room was doing nothing and was costing the City 53 million dollars.

Only in passing did he mention about some Principals putting teachers there without charges.

moriah said...

Thanks for the link. But I am suggesting more than a Super Blog. Newspapers are in trouble financially. Most of them have an online presence. Ditto for TV. I watched the CBS report on my computer, not on TV. I'm talking about a multimedia Journal that will be better, more professional than they are. We bloggers can link to it, and contribute to it, but it will have writers and editors that have experience in the field.

mathman42 said...

The New york Times coverage on this issue has left a lot to be desired. There was ONE Westinghouse winner from New York City this year. That should say it all about NYC education.

mathman42 said...

Sorry, meant to say that NY Times coverage of the school closings was pathetic.