Thursday, April 02, 2009


First, the Arista installation was great. I didn't get booed and most of my kids even cheered. I still hated walking across the stage. It took them years to get me to agree to do that. I used to come in late and hide out in the back until the kids were called up. It's the kids' night, not ours. I (and the other teachers) have no business being on the stage, stealing their limelight. The kids knew I hated being up there. I guess my body language gave me away.

I am also not a big fan of the way we are paraded in. I like invisibility. I wanted to sit with my good buddy but since his name is at the beginning of the alphabet and mine comes at the end, we were no where near each other. I also hate waiting on any lines. Standing around in a set formation is another thing that does not sit well with me.

I did get to mark half my test papers during the ceremony. I am not good at sitting still so I figured I better bring something to do while I listened.

And, my Internet at home was out for a while. I was getting the shakes and developing a rash as I tried for twenty minutes to get online. I ended up running to the teachers' cafe before the installation to check my e-mail and a few other things online. Thankfully, it is up and running now. If I had to go to bed without my evening fix, I don't know if I could sleep. What a day, first no ice cream and then no Internet.

Going to see if there is any ice cream in the freezer. Everything is almost gone in preparation for the holiday, but there might be some my son hasn't found and then to bed with John Stewart and Steve Colbert. Five thirty alarm will be ringing soon.

Can't publish--the Internet is down again. There better be ice cream!

Wait, it's back! I'm up and publishing!

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