Tuesday, April 07, 2009


No money for small classes but millions for living environment surveys. Money not only being given out to the company running the survey but on postage as well.

Longer school days and school years because our youth are falling behind the youths of other nations but not a second thought given to the class time it takes to fill out these surveys.

Teachers of severely disabled students being told to fill out the surveys with their students because the kids are incapable of filling them out on their own and told to fill out the forms as their students would.

Me, sitting here with this stupid blog when I have 10 people coming for Passover seder tomorrow night, 14 coming on Thursday night and I just finished cleaning. I should be cooking. I should have taken tomorrow off.


Abstract Randomizer said...

Have a good Pesach!
Best regards from your Calgary friends and fellow bloggers.

zman said...

hope your day gets better...Zman sends