Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Arista installation is tomorrow night. I usually get at least twenty requests to be a mentor. This year I only got two.

I'm worried. Maybe I shouldn't go? What if they boo? What if they don't want me there?


Anonymous said...

Well, it could always mean that the kids expect everyone else to select you as a mentor, so the spread the love to include other teachers who would be left out completely had they selected you.

at least that's how my friends and I always figured it out--we all would've easily selected one particular administrator who we had as a teacher, but that would've left out other worthy teachers who we knew other kids wouldn't select.

Anonymous said...

and i think the ovation you got proves that true

Pissed Off said...

One day I might stop doubting myself, but I doubt that day wil ever happen.