Friday, April 17, 2009

Irena's Vow

Just got home from the most amazing show--Irena's Vow.

Irena's Vow is the true story of a woman who saved 30 Jews from extermination from the Nazis by hiding them right under the Nazi's nose. Every step of the way, her own life and her own morals are put in danger.

At the conclusion of this wonderful play, Irena's daughter comes on stage to talk to the audience and answer questions.

This is a story that must be told and retold so these atrocities will never be forgotten. Those who deny the Holocaust took place have to be put in their place by the people that witnessed it first hand.

See this play, you won't be sorry! Tova Feldshuh is amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of Irena Gut - but the mention of the play reminded me of Irena Sendler, another amazing Polish woman who saved roughly 2500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the ghetto. I first heard about her when I was studying for my HSC (Australian highschool degree). I was doing a unit on Heroism. I went into the class thinking very little of supposed "heroes" and came out of it with a new perspective. With my final project, I listed Irena Sendler as an iconic hero in my mind. Now I can put Irena Gut right up there with her.