Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day One Of Spring Break

When I saw that the South Street Ferry subway station was redone, I just had to see it. I know it is a strange thing to want to see, but I couldn't help myself. Growing up in the Bronx, across the street from 7th Ave elevated train, with a mom who did not drive, I spent lots of time on the trains and to this day am still fascinated by them. The station is so white and clean, I wonder how long this will last.

The walls

The gates

More walls

The wall outside the station

My original plan was to walk around the station and then get back on the train and ride uptown to the Macy's flower show. But, my feet got the best of me. I decided to get out, walk for a while and then take the bus the rest of the way uptown. But, once I started walking, I couldn't stop. When you are happy when you know your final destination is within twenty blocks, something is wrong.

Trinity Church Building

Good to see so many people out again. In the background is the
Financial building. The cranes are where the World Trade Center once stood.
When I stopped to take pictures at this construction spot, the foreman got nervous. He asked if I worked for the city. I told him not to worry. I'm a city worker that teaches high school.
I love the little man in the building
Another little guy
This building is being renovated
The tourists return!

Continuing north, I stop at Fish Eddy's, one of my favorite stores and take a few pictures. I know I would never manage to get anything I bought here home in one piece.

I love watching the neighborhoods change especially when I hit SOHO, NOHO and then the village. I love the green market on 14th St, even though I could not eat any of the wonderful breads for sale this week. The flowers and the fruits were still attractive and I did buy a bouquet of hot peppers.

The twenties bring all the wholesale stores where all the street vendors go to buy the pocketbooks, sunglasses, etc, they sell on the streets. You can really get a feel for how much money these guys make if you see the mark up these guys use.

Thirty Second St is a must stop at Jack's 99 cent store. Years ago, it was an 88 cent store. Now, it is 99 cents and up, but he bargains are still good.

Finally, flowers at Macy's and then the subway home. My walk was just about 5 miles, if I include all the little back and forth walks I do while stopping along the way. Walking is the best way to enjoy the city and really see what is going on. I plan on hitting the uptown area later on this week. I can't travel during Passover, but I certainly can enjoy my own city.


Anonymous said...

me too, right now. first time your photos got me to hop on the train (that, plus my dinner plans apparently got canceled without notice...)

South Ferry! Movie! (knish?)

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Oh my gosh. You have no idea how much I would love to come to the city and see it the way you see it. It is such a pain to go anywhere as a 'tourist.' A couple of years ago, I went to Chicago to stay with family. They had the best suggestions. It was WAY more fun than it would have been just wandering aimlessly around. And I am still too scared to bring my little boys. I have nightmares I will somehow lose them. Too many years as a farm kid! Ha.


Pissedoffteacher said...

I have family from Texas who always make me be the tour guide when they come in.

NYC is safe. Your kids would love it here.

I see every city I visit the same way. I've traveled all over Europe on public transportation--it is the only way to go.