Monday, April 20, 2009

I Took The Challenge and Won The Battle (but the war is far from over)

Billy told me that he really doesn't care that much when I call his mom because he spends a lot of time at his dad's house. By the time he has gone home, his mom has forgotten that I called. (After speaking to her, I find that very hard to believe.) I told him I would start calling his dad. He told me I would never get that number.

Guess, what? Billy cut again today and I got his dad's number! It took a while, but I did it. No little teenager is ever going to beat me!

Now, mom. dad and I are all on the same page. If we can only get Billy to join us.


Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Good job. I always tell my students not to challenge me. I'm always up for a challenge! You are doing more than what is expected. Billy will someday be very thankful.


ChiTown Girl said...

You freakin' ROCK!!!!